Exclusively Military

Exclusively Badass

Exclusively Offered

The Alpha Tactical is a Limited-Edition Military Tribute boat.

Offered exclusively to active duty and veterans of the U.S. Military at special pricing.


We wanted a way to say thanks.


So we had a little fun doing it, and put together the Alpha Tactical. It’s our special way of saying thanks. -To the active duty. To the veterans. To the Marines. The Army. The Navy. The Air Force and the Coast Guard. To everyone that’s a part of what makes this nation great.

We couldn’t do it without you.


Seating Straight from the Apache Heli

Using the same canvas material found in the Apache AH-64 helicopter, these seats scream Tactical. Desert Tan stitching and embroidered American Flags on the outer bands add to the theme.

Ram Mounted Pistol Holder

Tucked just up under the dash, this mount will keep your pistol within the flick of a wrist whenever you need it.

Military Nametape

Every Alpha Tactical is personalized to the purchaser with their name and branch of service.

Rifle Notched Butt Seats

With the adjustable hydraulic pedestal, the butt seats on the Alpha Tactical convert into rifle rests in an instant. Perfect for that trip to Lake Falcon.

Humvee Inspired Gauges

Black Matte finished Faria gauges with red LED backlighting fill the custom O.D. Green console on every Alpha Tactical.

18″ KMC Rockstar Wheels

With the huge chrome star centered on the matte black wheel, there isn’t a more Military-themed wheel on the market. Standard on every Alpha Tactical.* (*except Alpha Tactical 191)

Proceeds Benefit Semper-Fi Fund

With the sale of each and every Alpha Tactical, proceeds will be donated to the Semper-Fi Fund in the purchaser’s name for their assistance in this project.

Color Options

The Alpha Tactical is a Limited-Edition version of any Legend Boat model.  Additional color schemes are available.

Colors are user-defined, however are limited to a theme surrounding the purchasers Branch of Service.

(Army Green, Air Force Blue, etc.)

Contact your dealer for details.

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