How long has Legend been in business?

We built the first boat in 2002.


Who builds Legends?

We do.  Right here in north central Arkansas.


Do you build aluminum boats?

No, Legend Boats, LTD builds only fiberglass bass boats. We hold the legal copyright to produce and brand Legend fiberglass bass boats in the United States. A brand in Canada produces aluminum hulls under the Legend Boats name. We are in no way affiliated or related to that company.


I don’t have a dealer nearby, how can I see a Legend Boat?

Contact us. We’ll get you in touch with a local Sales Representative who can assist you.


Can I purchase a Legend Boat directly from the factory?

No. Legend Boats may only be purchased through authorized Legend Dealers.


Can I get a Legend with a Yamaha or Evinrude engine?

Yes. We rig Mercury, Yamaha, and Evinrude at the factory.


Are Legends just a new version of Champion, Cobra, or Hawk?

No. While the LE-series of Legends in the early days were based from the Hawk Boats by John Storie, design changes were made before boats were ever produced. Our current lineup was formed from the ground up completely in-house with only Legend employees and is built with techniques and materials far stronger and more durable than any other boat. Viper/Cobra, while a similar hull in general design, holds no affiliation to our line of boats.


Does Legend conduct it’s own R&D?

Yes. Through collaboration with our Bricksquad members, dealers, and in-house engineers, we conduct extensive testing of every model we build to ensure it is the best product we can produce. We’ve tested all of our boats on bodies of water such as the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Erie, Lake Mead, Toledo Bend, Sam Rayburn, Lake Powell, Lake Fork, Lake of the Ozarks, the Upper Chesapeake Bay, Lake Okeechobee, Kentucky Lake, and many more. We are constantly pushing the envelope to create the finest bass boats on the water, and we enhance our products through our own R&D as well as that of our Bricksquad members. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback in any fashion, be sure to let us know.


How does the resale value of a Legend compare to other brands?

Our resale value is one of the highest in the industry. Because we build a limited number of custom boats and don’t saturate the market with cookie-cutter models, the demand for our boats is higher than the supply; thus driving resale values, as demonstrated in NADA and other industry standard value estimators.


Who owns the company?

White River Marine Group.


I won a Legend Prize Boat Certificate. How can I redeem it?

Visit our Prize Boats page for more information, or contact an Authorized Dealer.


Are Legend Boats offered in Canada?

We don’t currently have a Canadian Dealer, however our boats may be purchased from any stateside dealer and imported into Canada.


Can I build or color my boat online?

Yep! Right here.