Advantage Program


The Details

Win up to $10,000 in contingency, an unlimited number of times per year.

No model-year parameters. Qualification is based on the boat’s time of first warranty registration.

Double your hourly cash paybacks for 1st place hours in big bass events up to $500/hour.

Hourly contingencies paid per event are unlimited.

Entry is only $199.00 per year.

Registered owners of all Legend Boats qualify to register and win for up to 5 years from boat’s original warranty registration date.

The Paybacks

Tier 1 tournament fields with 60+ boats will pay Advantage Members up to $10,000 for a first place win.

Up to $10,000 payback for the 1st year of ownership
Up to $6,000 payback for the 2nd year of ownership
Up to $1,500 payback for the 3rd year of ownership
Up to $350 payback for the 4th & 5th years of ownership

Tier 2 tournament fields with 35-59 boats will pay Advantage Members up to $1,000 for a first place win.

Up to $1,000 payback for the 1st year of ownership
Up to $600 payback for the 2nd year of ownership
Up to $300 payback for the 3rd year of ownership
Up to $150 payback for the 4th & 5th years of ownership

  • Accent Marine Tournament Trail
  • Airport Marine Tournament Trail
  • Alabama Bass Buddy Trail
  • Alabama Bass Trail
  • Alabama Bass Trail Open
  • Alabama Children’s Classic
  • Allstars Team Bass Trail (AZ)
  • American Bass Anglers (ABA)
  • American Bass
  • Angler’s Choice (USAC)
  • Angler’s Choice Marine Tournament Trail
  • Anglers in Action
  • Annual Air National Guard Tournament
  • APT Solo Challenge
  • Arkansas Hawg Hunters
  • Austin Peay State University Governor’s Bass Tournament
  • Bass Champs
  • B.A.I.T. Trails
  • Balsam Lake Classic
  • B.A.S.S. Elite Series
  • B.A.S.S. Federation Nation
  • B.A.S.S. Opens
  • B.A.S.S. Weekend Series
  • Bass-N-Bucks
  • Bass World Sports Tournament Association
  • Bayou Outdoors Cash Splash Tournament Trail
  • Beaver Lake Elite Series
  • Best Bass Tournaments (CA)
  • BFL Series (FLW)
  • Big Bass Bash
  • Big Bass Extravaganza
  • B.O.S.S. Tournament Trail by Bayou Outdoors
  • Bud Light Trail
  • Burton’s Bait & Tackle Tournaments (MO)
  • Cashion Rods Tour
  • Cast for a Cure – Guntersville
  • C.A.T.T. Trail
  • Carolinas Bass Challenge
  • Central Pro-Am
  • Charger Fisherman’s Choice
  • Chatanooga Bass Association
  • Children’s Therapy Center Charity Bass Tournament
  • Collins Bass for Cash Series
  • Coosa River Team Trail
  • Cope Marine Winter Bass-A-Thon
  • Country Boy Classic (TN)
  • Canadian Sports Fishing League
  • Denny’s Super 30 Tournaments
  • Dixie Bass Trail
  • Eufala Bass Trail (AL)
  • Everett Big Bass benefiting Pagnozzi Charities
  • Everett Team Trail
  • First Stop Outdoors Trail
  • Fisher House Charity Bass Tournament (TN)
  • Fishers of Men (National Trail)
  • Fishers of Men Legend Boats Trail (OK)
  • Fishing for Charities
  • Fishing Frenzy Tackle $10,000 Shootout
  • FLW Series
  • FLW Tour
  • Foodland Bass Tournament Hosted by Chris Lane
  • Fort Frances Bass Championship
  • Fredricks Marine Tournament Trail
  • Grace Church Open Bass Tournament
  • Great Lakes Largemouth Series
  • Greenville Marine Invitational Bass Trail
  • Got 2 Love It Bass Tour
  • HDC Hunt Store Lay Lake Open
  • HD Marine Team Trail
  • HD Marine Couples & Kids Trail
  • Heartland Trail
  • Hoosier Open Team Trails
  • H&W Marine Team Trail
  • H&W Marine TNT Tournaments
  • Indiana Bass Federation Invitational Trail
  • Jackie Teat Memorial Bass Tournament
  • JC Outdoors Bass Trail
  • Jet-A-Marina Classic
  • Jimmy Johnson Memorial Championship
  • Joe Bass Team Trail
  • Lady Bass Anglers Association
  • Lake Texoma Benefit Bass Tournament at Catfish Bay
  • LAPR Bass
  • Legend of Lake Fork
  • Little River Marina / Weiss Lake Trail
  • Louisiana State Fair Boat Show Tournament
  • Madisonville Marine Fall Classic
  • Mark’s Outdoors Tournaments
  • McNider Marine Tournament Trail
  • McSweeny Foundation Annual Bass Fishing Tournament
  • Mid States Tournament Association
  • Minnesota Tournament Trail
  • Minnetonka Bass Classic
  • Mobile Marine Winter Series
  • Monterey Bass Company Tournament Circuit
  • Morristown Marine Tournament Trail
  • Mutiny Bass Anglers
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association Tournament (NE)
  • New Mexico Bass Federation
  • Nichols Marine Tournament Trail
  • Nightstalker Association Team Bass Tournament
  • North American Bass Circuit (Cabela’s)
  • Northwest Bass
  • Nucor Steel / Holt High School Alumni Bass Tournament
  • Ohio Megabass
  • Oklahoma Elite Anglers
  • Old Hickory Bass Anglers
  • Outlaw Outdoors Tournaments
  • Palmetto Boat Center Tournament Trail
  • Palmetto Boat Center High School Trail
  • Piedmont Bass Classics
  • Platinum Team Trail
  • Prattville Christian Academy Annual Bass Tournament
  • Premier Anglers Tournament Trail
  • Pride of the South Tournament Trail
  • Priority Automotive James River Series
  • RAM Truck Open Series
  • Reel Deel Tournaments
  • Renegade Bass Series (Canada)
  • Renegade Bass Tournaments (KY)
  • Rocky Mountain Team Series
  • Salmoides Team Tournament Circuit
  • Sealy Outdoors
  • Senior Bass Anglers (TN)
  • Shaw Kenora Bass International
  • Show Me State Team Series
  • Shriners Buddy Bass Classic
  • Simmons Big Bass Bonanza
  • Snagproof Frog Open
  • Sportsman Marine Tournament Trail
  • SPRO Crankbait Tournament
  • SPRO Frog Tournament
  • Strike King Kentucky Lake Open
  • Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament
  • Super Slam Big Bass Tour
  • Superior Bass (ID)
  • Sylacauga Marine Tournament Trail
  • TBF Federation
  • Team Bass Arkansas
  • Team Bass Xtreme (Ohio)
  • Tennessee River Trail
  • Tennessee Team Trail
  • Texas Bass Couples
  • The Times All-City Championship
  • Toho Marine Tournament Trail
  • Toho Marine Elite One Man Tour
  • Top Bass Series (Canada)
  • Tournament Anglers Guild Series (OK)
  • Toyota Bonus Bucks Owners Tournament
  • Toyota Bonus Bucks Team Championship
  • TriLakes Bass Trail
  • TTZ Trail (TX)
  • Tuff Man Trail (TX)
  • Tulsa Southside Hookers
  • Ultimate Bass Team Tour (UT)
  • USA Bassin
  • U.S. Open (Lake Mead)
  • W.A.T.T.
  • Webb Outdoors Elite Circuit
  • Webb Outdoors Pro Circuit
  • West Georgia Bass Club
  • White Pine Marine Tournament Trail
  • Wild West Bass Trail
  • Winter Bass-O-Thon
  • WON Bass Pro/Am
  • Wounded Warrior Bass Tournament
  • XFL – Extreme Fishing League
  • Xtreme Bass Series
  • Yamamoto Classic – Guntersville

Advantage Program registration is valid for 1 year or 365 days. It is the sole responsibility of the angler to re-register for the program each year.

Anglers must register for the program 14 days prior to competing in any sanctioned event to become eligible for payment consideration.

Anglers must be wearing a Legend Boats shirt during competition, media coverage, pre-tournament meeting, weigh-in, and awards ceremony to be eligible for payment consideration.

Legend Logo must be centered across full front of shirt (minimum width 11″) and be the highest placed logo below the collar.

Anglers must display the Legend Advantage Member decal on the driver’s console or windshield of the boat.

Anglers must display a Legend Boats decal (14″ minimum width) on tow vehicle.

Winners are required to provide a photo of themselves wearing an approved Legend Boats tournament shirt taken on stage and the event site with their award.

All winners shall be verified with the sanctioned tournament organization.

Legend Boat ownership and Advantage Program membership will be verified before payment consideration. Boat used in competition must be warranty registered to the Advantage member before the start of competition.

Only first place winners of events that are listed as sanctioned on the official Legend Boats website are eligible for payment consideration.

Legend Bricksquad members are fully eligible to participate, as long as apparel requirements set forth in the Bricksquad agreement are met.

Any person employed by Legend Boats is not eligible for this program.

The Official Tournament Finish Affidavit form must be submitted online to Legend Boats within 7 days of event completion for payment consideration. (Please allow up to 6 weeks for approval and processing of payment).

Sanctioned team events will offer contingency only to the owner of the Legend Boat. Only one contingency payout will be awarded per event*. Co-anglers or team partners are not eligible for contingency regardless that they may be a Legend Boat owner.

Registered anglers must fish exclusively from their own Legend Boat, model year 2011 or newer, during all days of competition.

Only the 1st place winner of the overall event who is the registered owner of the boat will be awarded contingency. Big fish awards, ties, winners decided by chance, and other awards will not qualify for contingency.

Sanctioned Big Bass events qualify for both double hourly awards up to $500 per hour and overall first place tournament winner contingencies.

Double hourly rewards shall be paid only to the first (1st) place winner for any hour in sanctioned big bass events. Hourly awards doubled up to a $500 hourly prize. (i.e. Tournament pays $500, Advantage Program pays $500).

Number of contingencies paid per year, per angler is unlimited.

If you purchase a different Legend Boat after you are registered, you must contact Legend Boats at 870.481.6750 to change the serial number on your registration documents prior to competition.

Income taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

Legend Boats reserves the right to change, modify, enhance, or terminate the Legend Advantage Program at any time. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions.

Legend Boats’ decisions on eligibility, award payments, and all other aspects of the Legend Advantage Program are final.

*Excludes Big Bass events. Multiple paybacks are possible in hourly weigh-in type events. Number of hourly contingencies paid is unlimited.

It is the angler’s responsibility to know the guidelines and official rules of the program. Angler must meet all aforementioned guidelines and submit proof that guidelines were met to become eligible for payment considerations. Legend Boats reserves the right to change, modify, or remove the 2016 Legend Advantage Program at any time. Anglers agree to release and hold harmless Legend Boats, LTD from any liability whatsoever and waive any and all causes of action arising out of or in connection with this contingency program.

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